Salary: 18,500 - 23,500
Responsibility: As a Graphic Designer, you will: - Maintain and further develop (design aspects) of the Bluepoint website. - Update Design of existing brochures, email marketing templates and other marketing related material. - On a daily basis, modify and send the marketing emails. - Improve the user interface of the website. - Attend meetings to plan and develop website, brochure, email templates and appearance of different marketing materials - Work with others to create a new corporate identity pack. report technical problems to IT support staff
Skills Required:
- Be proficient in use of design software and platforms such as Photoshop, Canva, Dreamweaver, Elementor etc, - Meet the requirements of business objectives and requirements of the job - Estimate the time required to complete a job meet deadlines - Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts - Find innovative ways to redefine required designs - Present finalised ideas and concepts - Demonstrate innovative design skills - Work as part of a team with other stakeholders and be able to accommodate suggestions on changes. - Attention to detail - Ability to take initiative
- Undergraduate degree in any field

- 1 Year or more working experience, in an office setting, working on some of all of the above stated responsibilities.
Send your CV to: Closing Date: 15-Sept. 2023

Technical Architect Salary: 30,080 - 37,600

As a Technical architect you will be responsible for upgrading the technical architecture of the IT systems. You will:
- Analyze: Undertake structured technical system analysis of existing system in order to upgrade the systems. - Debug: Pay attention to and identify existing issues, systems shortcomings and provide / propose technical system architecture changes, in-line with the strategic business goals. - Prioritise: Appropriately prioritise issues that need fixing. - Improve: Propose enhancements to the system with the view to further automate and reduce human intervention. - Innovate: Look for opportunities to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions - Test: Conduct validation testing and review of the codes prior to deployment - Deploy: Manage the change of system, architecture and IT infrastructure.

- Business process design, and re-engineering. - Implementation of enterprise level systems and web-based systems. - Be able to manage development and design personnel - Management of IT infrastructure (Cloud and on-premise). - Liaison with with service providers, vendors and 3rd party communication - Ability to understand and circumvent information security risks - Good understanding of IT infrastructure and Networking including web based / cloud services. - Strong communication skills and be able to meet deadlines.

- Undergraduate or Masters degree in information technology or a related field.

- Five years of experience in the above mentioned or similar areas.
Send your CV to: Closing Date: 15-Oct. 2023

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